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Observe user movements better with the help of heat maps. Measure where your visitors focusing most on your website with the analysis of mouse movements, click rates and page transitions.

Website Heatmap Guide
Session Replay

Session Replay

Keep track of your users' behavior closely through visitor records. See the usage patterns of your visitors on their website. Witness all the experience through videos in a live way.

Session Replay Guide
Console Error, Error Detection

Console Errors

VisitorLAB creates a detailed list of client-side JavaScript errors that occur in browsers for you and warns you about these errors. This will help you to quickly find errors from all different kinds of browsers, devices and fix them immediately It makes your visitors' and development team lives easier.

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VisitorLAB AI Lab


In addition to that VisitorLAB will show you some UI and UX suggestion to increase interaction based on the data which we analyze from visitors' scrolls, moves, and clicks. At the end of the process, VisitorLAB will give predictions about the future behavior of new visitors while even they don't know how they will behave.

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Who Can Use VisitorLAB?

Product Manager

Product Manager

Don't you want to see how your target audience using your product? Let them your visitors give you hints from their action about the next step of your product.

ux designer

UX Designer

Discover the most clickable part or unheeded part of your website and make sure you provide the best and easy way to your visitor by taking the action you willing to.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

Be sure your visitors get the best experience when they meet your brand through your website. Find how you can achieve to make it down your bounce rate.

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