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VisitorLAB Data Processing Rules

We do not transfer or sell your data to third parties, except under special circumstances, as required by law.

Keep statistics about your site public or as a site owner people you choose, and everyone else except you. You can also open the data for your own access only. Data transfer between your site and our servers and data processing facilities is done through special encrypted channels. It uses distributed data storage to prevent potential data loss and multiple full data copies per site

We take care of the store. We take every precaution to protect VisitorLAB users' data from external hazards. We have established specific authorizations and rules for VisitorLAB employees to access this data. Ensuring the privacy of site visitors It is forbidden to transfer personal (non-anonymous) information to VisitorLAB. As the provisions of the law on the confidentiality of personal information vary in each country, you can rely on the assessment of legal experts in any doubt.

If you don't want your visitor statistics to be transferred to VisitorLAB as a visitor, you can use browser extensions that run on the most popular browsers and prevent your visit data from being transferred to VisitorLAB. Site visitors who do not want their information to be transferred to VisitorLAB and other similar web analytics tools can use their browsers in a special mode that prevents the reception of cookies, preventing the transmission of information about their visits.

Our visitor recording tool automatically hides form fields that may contain confidential data.

Note about cookie files

Anonymous cookies used on VisitorLAB site pages

By analyzing the interaction details with our services, it enables us to make the information and site design more appropriate to the needs and preferences of the user.

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