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session replay

Session Replay

All movements made on your website are on your way through recorded videos! With the help of these videos, you can track your visitors' mouse movements, page transitions and click habits, while accessing each visitor's session information. Access your site's viewers with browser, location, device type information, and much more.



Do you think your visitors do random mouse movements on your website? Find out which areas of your website are taking attention and which areas remain in the background in the light of the data you collect by following the mouse movements.

With this feature, determine how often your visitors clicked on which areas. Then take steps according to the habits of your visitors when designing the user experience.

Don't you want to know at what point you lost your visitors? Which pages are going to end up when you review your website, at which point do they exit the page? What content on your page falls outside their area of interest? With these data, move the content you want to highlight to more noticeable parts on your site and make sure that the messages you want to forward are not overlooked.


Console Errors

Did you know that most people leave the site when they encounter an error that affects their experience? So how many of your visitors came out of your site because of an error in filling out the form or how many people interested in a product's detail page to close the site did not reach?

VisitorLab creates a detailed list of errors that occur in browsers for you and warns you about these errors. This will help you to quickly find errors on your website as well as make your visitors' lives easier