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See What Your
Visitors See
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Increase your website's interaction by starting to understand
your visitors better.
Visualize visitors’ and interactions on your website
Get meaningful insights from data collected
based on the visitor's actions
Organize your website based on information from
your visitors' movements, for better user experience.
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Observe user movements better with the help of heat maps.

Measure where your visitors focusing most on your website with the analysis of mouse movements, click rates and page transitions.
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Visitor Records

Keep track of your users' behavior closely through visitor records.

See the usage patterns of your visitors on their website.
Witness all the experience through videos in a live way.
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Get to know your visitors better and understand their decision making methods with Funnels.

Order screen or membership page… Find the way your visitors go to the page you want to reach. Design the next experience according to the preferences of your visitors.
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