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Per Month
1000 Page Views
1000 Session Record
Unlimited Reporting
No credit card required
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Per Month
10.000 Page Views
2.500 Session Record
15 Days Free
Unlimited Reporting
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Per Month
40.000 Page Views
10.000 Session Record
15 Days Free
Unlimited Reporting
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Per Month
100.000 Page Views
25.000 Session Record
15 Days Free
Unlimited Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try VisitorLAB for free?
Yes, all packages are free for the first 15 days.
How can I make a package change?
You can upgrade or lower your existing package through the panel you can login with your own account. If monthly payment was not successful, your package will be canceled.
Should I make a package selection based on the number of domains?
No, you can use each package for a website. You don't need to get different packages for different domains on your website.
What happens if my data storage period expires?
Your data will be stored according to the data retention period of the package you have. If this period expires, your data will be deleted.
What happens when I run out of credit?
Your account will receive a credit each month depending on your package. (1 credit = 1 session registration). When finished, all tracking stops until the next filling date. (You can change the package manually from the panel if you wish).
What is your refund policy?
We do have a refund policy, instead of we have 15-day free trial on all packages.
Do you offer annual package prices?
Yes, we can prepare special offers for you when you want to buy an annual package. For detailed information please contact us via
How do I set up VisitorLAB?
You just need to create a custom JavaScript code to integrate into your site. With approximately two minutes of processing, VisitorLAB integrates quickly into your website.
I have more questions. Can we talk?
Of course! You can contact us at any time via